3 Outstanding Benefits of Using A Preheater Station

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A preheater station such as the air preheater is a device employed to heat air and any other substance before another process.

A good example is a combustion panel in a boiler which helps to improve the thermal efficiency of the operation.

Sometimes, this preheater station may be utilized alone or may serve to replace a malfunctioning heat engine or to function in the place of a steam coil.

The preheater station market is gradually becoming larger each passing day and there are numerous products littered everywhere.

If you want to source the best quality product, you need to partner with a reliable and trusted preheater station manufacturer.

Some benefits we can derive from the use of preheater station are:

1. Allows outgassing of volatile solvents

The outgassing process is one of the major benefits of employing a preheater station. The preheater station causes the volatile component of the solder paste to evaporate.

If there is a huge and sudden change in the temperature of the system, the rate of evaporation may cause splattering of the solder paste which consequently reduces the size of the solder paste at the seam of the materials.


2. Activates flux

The flux forms part of the solder and it is usually activated when a hot soldering iron is applied to it.

The function of the flux is to decontaminate the surface of the metal that is in contact by removing the oxides.

When this is done, there will be good adhesion and strong bonding of the two metals in contact.  If the temperature of the preheater station is low, then the process of flux activation will not be effective and this results in a joint that is cold and without complete flow.

preheater station

3. Prevents thermal stress

Constant and consistent heating of the entire assembly to the required soak temperature is one of the most important goals of preheating station.

A steady heating process reduces thermal stress in both the components of the board and the actual board.

Components such as the ICs and SMD resistor and capacitor chips can sometimes be attacked by the thermal shock which might lead to cracking.

The rate of preheating depends on the presence of thermally sensitive components of the device.


4. Lowers the reflow temperature

Two important activities can affect the reflow temperature and these are preheating and soaking.

Since the temperature of the device is at a higher level, the two factors will reduce the required reflow temperature and duration after the process of soaking.


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