GORDAK 850B Digital Reowrk Station

* ESD safe by design. * LED digital display temperature. * PID controlled closed loop of sensor, rapid heating, precise and stable temperature.


Product Description


* LED digital display temperature.

* PID controlled closed loop of the sensor, limitless air adjusts, rapid heating, precise and stable temperature, Suitable for soldering and de-soldering surface mounted ICs. Such as QFP, PLCC, SOP, BGA, etc.

* Intelligent cooling systems. Deferred air delivery after switch-off upon completion of rework and automatically switch off power supply when the temperature is below 50oC.

* Use imported heating wire of long service life.


Product Parameter


Model GORDAK 850B
Rate of Vol. 220V 50/60Hz AC
Power 270 (W)
Pump Membranous
Airflow 0.16-1.2Nm³/H
Pump power 45W
Temp.control 150℃-500℃
Heater 250W Metal
SIZE 54.5*31*53cm/CTN
G.W 22.6KG/CTN




nozzle                     850 stand                     






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