GORDAK 958D Digital Rework Station

958D non-lead soldering Sensor close loop, microcomputer control the temperature, LED display, large power, rapid heating, accurate and stable temperature in regardless of air volume.


Product Description


* Linear airflow adjustment, large but incomparable soft airflow.

*Induct switch inside the handle. The system enters working modes quickly only by holding the holder, the system will enter the standby status. Easy to use, have error testing function.

*Have adjusted temperature functions. Easy to use.

*Intelligent cooling system when the temperature is to 100oC, can prolong the service life of the element and protect the hot air gun.

*Adopt small crust, durable, handsome, engross little place.

*Brushless fan, low noise.


Product Parameter


ModelGORDAK 958D
Rate VoltAC 220V 50HZ
Max power450W
PumpSoft airflow
Length of handle120CM




968 handle                    968 heater                    968 stand for hot air gun






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