Foshan Gordak Electric Co., Ltd.

About Gordak

Foshan Gordak Electric Co., Ltd. located at Lecong 325 national way, Shunde, works under the principle of focusing on technical innovation and sincere service, meeting demands of the market. And for its developing strong strength, GORDAK has make a good tongue in the electronic field.

GORDAK make the customer number one and provide the customers with the quality, soldering station, SMD rework station, Ultrasonic Cleaner, power maintaining tools, well sold abroad including Southeast Asia, Middle East and West Europe, most of them passed the CE certification and Gordak is already a ISO9001: 2000 registered company.

GORDAK man has a strong cooperation ideal, and all team member make great efforts to make Gordak a internationalized company.

GORDAK will regard it as a goal to be famous international brand and to satisfy all its interested customers and do its best to make its future more brilliant. Your ordering and visit are warmly welcome. Now seeking worldwide distributor.

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Message from the CEO

First of all, please accept that as the general manager of GORDAK, I would like to express my heartfelt and sincere thanks and blessings to the respected customers and employees! Thank you for your trust and love for GORDAK.

GORDAK has 19 years of experience in the maintenance and production tool industry, and has been committed to R & D and production of low cost. Continue to provide customers with competitive technical products, improve the efficiency and safety of enterprise work, and enhance market product competitiveness. Committed to becoming China's trusted electronic welding tool.

In today's fast-changing market and increasingly fierce competition, we will continue to focus on customers and strive to find the best combination of management thinking, technological innovation, manufacturing, and market expansion, effectively improving the market competitiveness of our products. To create greater value for ecological partners and employees, so that our business performance continues to maintain a good development trend. .

Our basic management has been further consolidated, and the management system has been improved, making the process simpler, more powerful, more efficient, and more suitable for the current development of the enterprise; improving the management process of customer service and improving customer experience and satisfaction. To cope with business development, GORDAK has continuously strengthened team building and introduced young power. Promote brand building in an all-round way, enhance GORDAK's brand influence, take product quality as the foundation, and use flexible innovation as the guarantee to create a good corporate image in the minds of customers and partners.

In the future, GORDAK will actively seize the strategic opportunities of technological progress, increase scientific and technological and institutional innovation, adhere to innovation, cooperation and openness, resolutely respond to national policies, embrace partners with an open attitude, and adhere to the principle of customer first. Credibility, sincere service, unity of heart, create brilliant.

Meet Our Team

MS Ou Sales Manager

Emily Ou, a senior foreign trade salesman, has been engaged in this area more than ten years.

Her contact information:
  • QQ: 1025822736

  • WeChat: 18025978448 (same as phone NO.)

MISS Luo Sales Assistant

Pragmatic, patient and responsible.

  • WeChat: gd18924842621

MR Dong Chief Engineer

Lead the technical research and development team to carry out product development.

Customer Visit

2018-12-29 Iran client Mohammad Akbary come to our office to place an order.

2018-4-9 Iran client Hamid Shokri come to our office to visit and place an order.

2018-1-6 Iran client Mohammad Akbary come to our office to place an order.

2019-4-14 Iran client Faraji come to visit our office and take some sample back.

2019-9-5 Iran client IESA come to visit our office and place and order.

2019-4-14 Iran client Faraji come to visit our office and take some sample back.

2019-2-26 Iran client Mohamad come to visit our office and place an order.

2019-8-26, Uganda client Male Aloysious come to visit our office and place an order.

2019-10-30, Iran client Saeed shah come to visit our office and place an order.


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