Preheater Station

Preheater Station

Preheater rework station is mainly used to speed up circuit board repairs and reflow solder on circuit boards. At the same time, preheaters are widely used for soldering and desoldering of various types of boards.

Professional 3 in 1 Preheater Rework Station Manufacturer

Gordak is a professional preheater rework station manufacturer in china, our preheater uses big power 120mm*120mm far infrared heater, rapid heating. Meet different market needs to design the temperature display mode, you can choose under customary interest. Gordak man has a strong cooperation ideal, and all team member make great efforts to make Gordak a internationalized company. Gordak will regard it as a goal to be famous international brand and to satisfy all its interested customers and do its best to make its future more brilliant. Your ordering and visit are warmly welcome. Now seeking worldwide distributor.

Features of 3 in 1 preheater rework station

1.ESD safe, hot air station, soldering station, and preheater three functions compose by design. The intelligent control circuit, LED display, easy operation.
2.Preheater use big power 120mm*120mm far infrared heater, rapid heating.
3.Original heat insulation by design, increase the temperature area greatly.
4.Could remove could soldering, fit for a deal with big area BGA and computer mainboard extend groove's knockdown and fix.
5.Hot airflow could adjust, none brushless fan, soft wind, low noise.
6.The hot air station handle has an induction button, has automatism cold wind function,it will go to the saving energy state automatically when the temperature is below 100℃, prolong the heater life and protect the hot air gun.
7.Light handle, suitable for long used.

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