A Basic Guide To Magnifying Lamps Terminologies

For precisionists, designers and inspectors, a magnifying lamp is usually an inevitable tool. They are very useful in decreasing strains to the eyes as well as avoiding fatigue to the eyes because they allow the user to detect tiny details in a breeze.

If you are having trouble deciding on whether or not to get one, then this article will breakdown key terms and help you choose the magnifier that is best suited for you.

Lighted magnifiers

When it comes to picking a magnifier, good lighting is critical. A quality fluorescent, halogen, or LED lighting source embedded around the viewing glass frame compensates for this in magnifying lamps.

By radiating shadow-free light, the fluorescent brings forth clarity of vision. Halogen lamps produce a warmer glow but heat up faster. LED lamps provide less light but last significantly longer than either of the two lights.

The dioptre

A dioptre, simply put, is the depth or amount of curve a lens has. A thicker lens indicates a higher amount of curve and magnification and vice versa.

This can be expressed mathematically by dividing the diopter by 4 and adding 1. A 2 diopter lens.

This means that objects viewed through this lens will appear 150 percent larger than their actual size.

The focal length

This is the distance covered between the lens and the object in focus. The larger the magnification, the smaller the focal length and vice versa.

magnifying lamp

The field of view (FOV)

When the magnifying lamp is turned on, the size of the circle under the lens’ focus is known as the field of view and as previously stated, a higher magnification indicates a smaller focal length and vice versa.

Hands-free viewing

Using a magnifying glass allows you the freedom to manipulate your object of interest with both hands, only stepping back to adjust the magnifying lamp once in a while.

Tips for best use

1. To avoid straining an eye, use both eyes.

2. Ensure your eyes are eight to ten inches away from the mirror while making sure the lens is tightly fixed on the object.

3. And try to be comfortable and maintain good posture by properly positioning your chair and work surface.

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