Frequently Asked Questions About Preheater Station

The preheater station is made of anti-static material which is safer for soldering sensitive parts of equipment. The surface won’t be affected by rust because it’s made of stainless materials and the low-temperature feature allows it to save energy.

Its work-efficiency is high, low cost of maintenance, it also uses a digital thermostat to control the temperature conveniently and the temperature is stable, desoldering the original circuit board to ensure smooth and clear panels when soldering of new circuits

It is very much applicable for electronic devices maintenance, mobile communication maintenance, factory and industry production maintenances, etc, and the unique feature of these devices is it makes work faster and easier.

Some FAQs when you want to purchase a preheater station

Many Electronic technology companies prefer to understand the complexity and the function of the type of preheater station to purchase for their electrical maintenance.

The following questions are what you should use as a guide when planning on purchasing a preheater station,

1. What are the advantages of indirect preheater?

Better thermal controls secure the handling of thermoplastic materials without destruction of the materials using maximum heat

· The heating condition is safe because of the uniform distribution from the thermal oil.

· No hotspots which are the temperature is uniform in all parts of the preheated

· Long lifetime of the preheated because there’s no overheating in the steel parts due to gently supplying of heat.

2. What are the advantages of direct preheater?

· Low cost of maintenance

· The healing time is quick because the steel on needs to heat the preheater

· The melting capacity is high

3. Which preheater size should I choose?

There’s a rule that the volume of the preheater must be a minimum of four times the capacity of the marking machine.

That’s why we always suggest that you buy two small preheater stations than one big one.

Below are the reasons for choosing two small rather than one big preheater

· It melts faster because it is small

· It Possible to work with two colors

· Can be used to Handle small jobs where fewer machines are Needed.

4. How can I maintain the preheater station?

The maintenance of the preheater can be an essential role in the lifetime and melting point of the Preheaters.

Some thermoplastic materials usually settle down at the bottom of the preheater and decrease the melting capacity of the preheater which will destroy the preheater station.

So, for you to maintain your preheater station take note of the thermoplastic component and ensure you use two preheater sand immediately refill the other one with half of the materials for quick healing.

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