How To Choose A Welding Power Supply

The process of choosing a welding power source is much like that of buying a car. It involves searching for a product that is efficient, powerful, easy to handle and, most importantly, suited to the customer’s particular needs. But with such a wide selection of power sources on the market, how do welders select the right one for them?

Welding power source types are defined by how they modulate electrical currents and what arc welding process is best supported by this modulation:

Direct Current (DC)

A DC power source is a flow of electrons in a single direction through a circuit. In welding, it creates a steadier arc and smoother output. It can be used to weld with a negative ground, or the flow of electrons can be reversed to flow toward a positive ground in reverse polarity.

welding powder supply

Alternating Current (AC)

The AC power source is the bidirectional flow of electrons in which the polarity shifts a hundred or more times per second from a negative to a positive ground. Arcs tend to be less stable and welding is harder to control. However, AC welding can break apart oxide formation and allow for purer welding in some processes.

Pulsed Current

This is a form of DC welding in which the current goes from a high peak current to a lower background current at a frequency determined by the operator. This narrows the arc, allowing greater penetration while reducing the effect on surrounding materials. As a result, pulsed current welding is an excellent choice for welding thin metal or performing deep welds on thicker materials.

Pulsed Voltage and Heat

Pulsing GMAW power supplies focus on controlling pulsed voltage and heat applied to the consumable electrode. Controlling the pulsed voltage (heat) and wire feed speed allows greater control over how the wire melts and the rate of deposition. Adaptive pulse GMAW carefully monitors feedback and automatically compensates to keep the arc consistent despite variation by the welder and differences in height and joint location.

welding powder supply

Before You Buy

One of the most important elements to consider when shopping for a new machine is the warranty and certification. Odds are, you will need good warranty and technical support during the life of your machine. Be sure to purchase a machine from a reputable company and brand.

In addition, purchasing a certified machine (CSA and ETL certified) ensures the machine meets UL safety standards, which are applicable in the U.S. and Canada (note: CE certified is not). Beware there are machines sold in the U.S. and Canada without these certifications, and uncertified products are not tested or verified by a third party.

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