How To Choose An Affordable And High-performance Rework Station?

For customers who don’t know much about rework stations, the most concerned thing should be the price. So how can I buy affordable and high-performance BGA rework station equipment? Let us share with you.

1. Determine the needs

We need to determine that the purchased rework station must meet our own needs, and negotiate with the equipment manufacturer based on the characteristics of our products and production efficiency requirements. The best way is to take actual testing to determine whether the equipment meets the requirements, at least determine what kind of configuration meets their own conditions, such as the degree of automation of the equipment; operational problems; success rate of repairs; repair time or temperature control accuracy. The users need to know about these details.

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2. Consider the working method of welding

We need to consider the working method of welding, that is, how the rework station needs to operate, whether it needs to be fully automated, semi-automated, or fully manual. For general factories, most of the automatic optical BGA rework stations are still used. After all, What companies pursue is efficiency, which can save a lot of time and manpower and material resources. For individual repairs, it may be biased towards semi-automatic or manual rework stations. After all, the purchase cost saves a lot of money. There are general welding workbenches in the market. There are also some special reasons, and they do need to be customized.

3. Equipment after-sales service

The after-sales service of the equipment is also very important. Some products are relatively expensive, but their warranty service is more secure. When it comes to warranty issues, it is not that the parts that need to be replaced when the equipment fails can be provided by the user for free. The warranty here is mostly means that the technical maintenance is free, that is to say, if the product can be restored through technical maintenance after a fault, it is free, but in case of non-replacement of accessories, the user needs to pay for it, so the user must confirm with the manufacturer when purchasing the equipment. This question is to prevent unnecessary disputes in the future.

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