GORDAK 8586D Soldering And Rework Station

Hot air station * Temperature single display can be switched, rework station and soldering sation combination, anti-static microcomputer sensor closed intelligent thermostatic control design, high power heating, fast heating.


Product Description


* None brushless fan, with soft wind design, suitable for welding small components.

* The hot air station handle has a dormant sensor, could save energy when no use.

* Easy control, with the trouble test itself and indicate function.

* The machine has temperature CAL fine-tuning calibration function, easy control.

* Sigle digital display,rework station temSperature/soldering station temperature,intelligent/manural switch display function.

* Hot air handle has an automatic cooling function, prolong the heater life, and protect the hot air gun.

* Light handle, suitable for long used.

* Small airframe by design, beauty and save place.


Product Parameter


Model GORDAK 8586D
Hot air station
Rated Vol. 220V 50/60Hz AC
Power Consumption 450 (W)
Pump model None Brushless Fan Soft Wind
Air Flow 120L/min(Max)
Temp.control 100℃-500℃
Noise <45db
Soldering Station
Power Consumption 50(W)
Output Vol. 24V  AC
Temp.control 200℃-480℃
Ground Resistance <2Ω
Ground potential <2mV
Heater Chinese Ceramic
SIZE 45*45*39cm/CTN
G.W 23.7KG/CTN



936A soldering iron handle                     968 handle                     968 heater


968 stand for hot air gun                     





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