GORDAK 902A Dual-Channel Independent Control Soldering Station

Experience precision soldering with the GORDAK 902A, a cutting-edge soldering station designed for efficiency, safety, and control. This dual-channel unit boasts independent control circuits for two heating elements, offering unparalleled versatility for a variety of soldering tasks.



Key Features

Power Supply

100W Switch Power Supply: Works seamlessly with an input voltage range of AC 100-240V, ensuring compatibility in various environments.

Low-Voltage Heating Element: Prioritizes safety by utilizing a low-voltage power supply for heating, making it safe and reliable for prolonged usage.


Dual-Channel Independent Control

Double Heating Element: Equipped with dual heating elements and independent control circuits for each channel, allowing simultaneous or individual use.

Sufficient Heating Power: Offers ample heating power capacity for rapid and efficient heating, reducing downtime during soldering tasks.


Temperature Control and Compatibility

Potentiometer Setting: Provides precise temperature control within the range of 200℃ to 480℃, allowing for accurate adjustments based on specific soldering needs.

Voltage Compatibility: Works seamlessly with both 110V and 220V power sources, offering versatility in different electrical environments.


Product Parameter

Power Consumptionabout 100W
Output Vot26 V AC
Temp. Control200℃-480℃
Ground Resistance〈2Ω
HeaterChinese Ceramic
Packing12 PCS/CTN


Performance Specifications

Power Consumption: Approximately 100 Watts, ensuring energy efficiency without compromising performance.

Output Voltage: Provides a stable AC output voltage of 26V for consistent soldering performance.

Ground Resistance: Maintains a low ground resistance of less than 2Ω, ensuring a safe working environment.

Heating Element: Utilizes high-quality Chinese Ceramic heating elements for reliability and consistent performance.


Packaging and Dimensions

12 units per carton, carton size 65*39*45cm


Versatile Applications

Ideal for professional soldering tasks, electronics repair, circuit board soldering, and various DIY projects, the GORDAK 902A Dual-Channel Independent Control Soldering Station is a reliable, high-performance tool that enhances precision and efficiency in soldering endeavors.


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