GORDAK 902D Dual-Channel PID Control Soldering Station

Elevate your soldering experience with the GORDAK 902D, a sophisticated soldering station engineered for precision, safety, and efficiency. This cutting-edge unit incorporates advanced technology and robust features to meet the demands of professional soldering tasks.


Key Features

High-Quality Components

Power Frequency High Power Transformer: Utilizes a high-power transformer for efficient energy conversion, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

Low-Voltage Heating Element: Prioritizes safety by employing a low-voltage power supply for heating, guaranteeing a secure and reliable soldering experience.


Advanced Control and Display

Dual Heating Element PID Control Circuit: Features dual-channel PID control circuits for precise temperature regulation and stability during soldering tasks.

LCD Display: Equipped with an LCD screen for clear and intuitive temperature monitoring and adjustment.


Efficient Heating and Programming

Sufficient Heating Power: Offers ample heating power capacity for rapid and efficient heating, reducing downtime during soldering operations.

Programmable Temperature Settings: Enables precise temperature programming, allowing users to set and maintain desired temperatures for specific soldering requirements.


Product Parameter

Power Consumptionabout 100W
Output Vot26 V AC
Temp. Control200℃-480℃
Ground Resistance〈2Ω
HeaterChinese Ceramic
Packing8 PCS/CTN


Performance Specifications

Power Consumption: Approximately 100 Watts, ensuring energy efficiency without compromising performance.

Output Voltage: Provides a stable AC output voltage of 26V, ensuring consistent and reliable soldering performance.

Temperature Control Range: Adjustable within the range of 200℃ to 480℃, providing versatility for various soldering applications.

Ground Resistance: Maintains a low ground resistance of less than 2Ω, ensuring a safe working environment.

Heating Element: Utilizes high-quality Chinese Ceramic heating elements for reliability and consistent performance.


Packaging Details

8 units per carton


Versatile Applications

Designed for professional-grade soldering tasks, electronics repair, circuit board soldering, and intricate DIY projects, the GORDAK 902D Dual-Channel PID Control Soldering Station offers unparalleled precision, control, and safety for demanding soldering applications.


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