Soldering Station 60W 24V AC Soldering Iron GORDAK 938A

The ceramic heating element of the homemade, LED Digital indicator ensures accurate temperature display, has a temperature error adjust function.


Product Description


* Ceramic heating element of homemade, LED Digital indicator ensures accurate temperature display, has temperature error adjust function.

* Worldwide commonly used brand name of soldering tip and heating element for easy replacement.

* Light handle.

* ESD safe by design, prevent leak by static to damage delicate SMD organ.

* Lock screw prevents inadvertent changes to the temperature setting.

* Especially suitable for mounting and reworking SMD components by hand, repair, soldering common and directly-inserted electronics and soldering under other special conditions.


Product Parameter


ModelGORDAK 936A
Output Volt.24V  AC
Ground Resistance2Ω以下
HeaterChina made Ceramic heater



930 handle           936A stand


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