2 in 1 Soldering & Rework Station 650W Hot Air Gun 60W Soldering Iron GORDAK 952S

* ESD safe by design. * Hot air station and soldering station use big LED double digital display, with a big power heater, heat quickly. * Air pump type non-level wind speed regulation, high wind pressure.


Product Description


* LED double digital display with big power heater, heat quickly.

* Microcomputer sensor closed intelligent thermostatic control design, air pump type non-level wind speed regulation, high wind pressure, suitable for different welding processes.

* The handle has a dormant sensor, when put the handle in the stand or outlet upward, will automatically go to dormant mode.

* Use long lift heater A1321 with big power.

* Temperature setting button has a locked function to prevent others change the temperature without authorization.

* With the trouble test itself and indicate function.

* The machine has DC 5V, 800mA USB charge could charge the equipment which matches this condition.


Product Parameter


Model GORDAK 952S
Hot air station
Rate of Vol. 220V 50/60Hz AC
Power 650 (W)
Pump Membranous
Air flow 120L/min (max)
Pump power 45W
Temp.control 100℃-500℃
Noise <45db
Soldering station
Power 60(W)
Output Volt. 24V AC
Temp.control 200℃-480℃
Ground potential < 2mV
Ground Resistance < 200mΩ
Heater Ceramic
Packing 6PCS/CTN
Size 59.5*32*54.5cm/CTN
G.W 30.4KG/CTN




nozzle           850 stand           850A handle



952 PCB board         



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