GORDAK 9608C Precision Soldering and Rework Station

Revolutionize your soldering and rework tasks with the GORDAK Precision Station, an advanced tool designed for professional precision and efficiency. This cutting-edge station integrates high-power capabilities with user-friendly features, redefining your soldering experience.

Key Features

Enhanced Display and Design

Expansive Screen: Featuring a sizable display, this station provides a clear view of settings and parameters, enhancing user control and efficiency.

Elegant Arc Angle Shell Design: The compact and sleek design not only adds to its aesthetics but also optimizes space on your workstation.


Advanced Heating Elements

High-Power Hot Air Heating Element: Equipped with a robust 1000W hot air heating element, providing rapid and consistent heating for versatile rework tasks.

Energy-Saving Hot Air Function: The hot air function includes an energy-saving mode, automatically activating sleep mode when the handle is placed in the stand, optimizing energy usage.

Built-in Large-size 80 Blower: The hot air system includes a built-in large-size 80 blower, ideal for use in environments with strong winds, ensuring stable and controlled airflow.


Efficient Soldering Capabilities

Fast Heating Iron Heater: The soldering station features a high-power fast-heating iron heater, ensuring quick heating even from a cold start, saving valuable time during operation.

Accessible Heating Element: The heating element’s easily procurable construction makes replacements hassle-free and cost-effective.


Performance Specifications

Hot Air Station
Rated Vol.AC 230V 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption1000W
Air Pump Typebuilt-in 80 blower
Air Flow120L/min(Max)
Temp. Control100℃-500℃
Hanle Length120CM
Noise<50 db
Soldering Station
Max Power Consumption50W
Output Vol.AC 24V
Temp. Control200℃-480℃
Ground Resistance〈2mΩ
Ground Potential<2mV
Heater Power约 50瓦(W)
Packing6 PCS/CTN

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