Factors To Consider When Buying A Magnifying Lamp

A magnifying lamp is a very important device for anyone working with accurate assembly, design or inspection. Because it enables users to view smaller details without difficulty, lighted magnifying lamps are furnishing extraordinary help in subduing eye strain and hindering vision fatigue.

 For this reason, they are mostly used by industrial inspection, watch and electronics repair, home office, jewelers, scientific research laboratories and the dental clinics.

Factors to be considered when buying magnifying lamp

Here are some important factors that will guide you in choosing the best and will boost your understanding to know which best is suitable for your needs when purchasing a magnifying lamp.

Ø Must be ESD-Safe 

ESD- Electrostatic Discharge is defined as the transfer of electric charge, similar to the spark of static electricity you obtain when walking across a carpet and touching a piece of metal or someone’s hand. Although, this discharge could be harmless to humans, but can be detrimental to delicate electrical circuit boards and sensitive components, which in return, could cause brutal injury to people working with the equipment.

ESD-Safe magnifying lamps have dissipative paints applied to the metal, special polymers applied to the lens, and the electrical layout is intended to reduce electrical discharge potential. They must also pass rigid ESD certification testing standards.

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Ø Must be “Hands-free” viewing 

One of the chief significant of a magnifying lamp is the ability to view with the magnification while using both hands to work with the object. Hands-free magnifying lamp operation is apparently essential when repairing electronics or other enclosed work.

Ø It should be a “lighted” magnifying lamp 

A clean and competent lighting is a crucial element to consider when choosing a magnifying lamp. There are indirect and darkness-free lighting at the most favorable conditions in many workplace locations which bring about viewing performance at the margin.

Lighted magnifying lamps literally make up to this with a quality LED lighting element, halogen, or fluorescent, which is laid around the viewing glass frame. Fluorescent lighting elicits clearer view by emitting a cool, broad, and shadowless light.

Halogen lamps will give forth a warmer glow and heat up more rapidly. Whereas, LED lamps emits less lighting, still, it is likely to last much longer than either fluorescent or halogen bulbs.

Operator Tips

  • Always keep your chair height and working surface positioned to maintain good posture in order to achieve best results. You should not be leaning away from the lens when viewing the object.
  • Ensure you use both eyes when using a magnifying lamp, in a similar way you would use a comfortable pair of prescription glasses.
  • If you want to obtain the best magnification with the least amount of distortion, make sure the lens is positioned to keep your object in focus with your eyes at 8” to 10” away from the glass.

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