Making Your Work Easier With Preheater Statin

Because all electronic gadgets contain circuit cards, the need for preheater station has become universal in the world of electronics. Now, you can quickly repair your circuit card without stress and much effort.

 Whether you want to solder, resolder or desolder some connections on your card, preheater station will make your work faster and easier.

So, before you attempt to repair that circuit card, ensure you contact a trustworthy preheater station supplier that will supply you with the best preheater stations in the market at very affordable prices.

What is a preheater station?

A preheater station is an electronic gadget that allows you to raise the temperature of the entire  board gradually, thereby, avoiding thermal stress.

With the temperature of the board being raised, you can easily work or rework on any component on the board.

While working on the components with your hot air tool of soldering iron, you only need to raise the temperature to at most a 100 degree in order to melt the solder. As a result, the rework time is a lot shorter.

Types of preheater stations

The two common types of preheater stations are:

1. Hot air preheater station.

2. IR preheater station.

Hot air preheater station

The hot air preheater station heats up the circuit board using hot air that is emitted through a multiple-sized nozzle.

The board has to be positioned just above the nozzle before the heating temperature is set. After use, it needs to cool down before switching it off.

preheater station

IR preheater station

The IR preheater station uses infrared radiation to heat up the board. It makes use of a ceramic heating element of a strong ray of  infrared radiation that uniformly raise the temperature of the  circuit board.

Benefits of using a preheater station

· With a preheater station, stronger and stable connections are made on the circuit card. During preheating, the flux gets activated and removes certain oxides that may affect soldering process.

· Preheater station allows you to gradually heat up the circuit board without the risk of building up thermal stress. The whole board is heated uniformly just below the reflow temperature.

Thermal stress is caused by the non-uniform and irregular application of heat to a material.

The effect of thermal stress on printed circuit board is that it weakens the structural and mechanical strength of the board.

As a result, the board becomes unstable, deformed, significantly weakened and prone to damage on slight disturbance or shock. Even the board assembly can be affected by thermal stress.

· Circuit boards come in different sizes, thickness and copper content. Some have large ground planes and some come with heat sink attached to them.

Some are designed in such a way that that takes heat away from the certain parts. In these situations, heat the joint with a soldering iron from the top side could be time-consuming and difficult.

Preheater station heats up the board from the bottom side. Thereby, making sure the entire board is fully saturated with heat. Hence, the soldering and desoldering process is accomplished a lot easier.

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