How To Use A Soldering Station

A soldering station is a more improved version of the basic unattached soldering pen. This is ideal for more soldering activities as they can be easily controlled and are flexible.

Apart from this, they create a safe working environment as some have temperature regulators, safety password, and warning signal settings. The use of a soldering station requires some important soldering skills which must be learned to effectively use all its the components.

Here is a six-step summary explanation of how to use a soldering station to solder an electronic integrated circuit.

1. To begin, set the temperature to the level you want and allow the soldering iron to be heated up. You can take it up as high as 400oC using the adjustable temperature regulator.

2. At regular intervals, clean up the tip of the soldering iron using a specialized sponge. This is important to make your job perfect. It should precede the soldering process as well as end it.

3. Ensure there is contact between the soldering iron tip and the part of the electronic component you want to solder. This can take up to 3-4 seconds.

4. Place the solder on the area after a few seconds. The heat from the tip of the soldering iron will be passed unto the solder and cause it to melt. As a precaution, do not directly melt the solder using the tip of the soldering iron.

If this is done, it will lead to the formation of a weak linkage area (brittle) that does not allow the flow of electricity.

5. Allow the linkage area to set before removing anything i.e. the soldering pen and solder. Do not blow on the solder but allow it to cool by itself naturally to avoid a weak connection. 

Soldering Station

A good solder joint is even, polished, and has a cone shape resemblance. You want just the exact amount of solder to cover the joint area but not in excess so it rolls into a ball or spills over to a close-by joint.

Soldering is a technique of melting a metal part into another metal to bind both together as a unit component. It is achieved using a soldering station. Soldering activities are quite different from that of welding i.e. they are not the same. Welding implies that the metal parts are melted together directly without the use of solder.

A Solder is a very light and soft metal that melts at a relatively lower temperature compared to the metals to be joined through soldering. This property of solder helps the metal components to be joined without the usual high temperatures involved with welding.

The use of solder also helps preserve the properties of the components. Its widespread use in the world of electronics is a result of its conductivity.

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