How To Use Hot Air Soldering Rework Station

In every electronic station, a soldering rework station happens to be one of the key tools you need for a perfect job. When building a circuit board, certain things may go wrong. To correct it easily, a quality soldering rework station must be in handy.

How does this tool work? Well, the working principles are not complex. It is easy to go about it. without any delay, let’s dive straight into how this tool works. In the end, you will be able to use it successfully.

How to work with Hot Air Soldering Rework Station

The following steps will help you to use this tool to work on your project effectively.

1. Select Your Nozzle

The first step is to select a suitable tip for the project. Fix the nozzles to the wand. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screw so that it will hold it properly. Plug the tools into the power outlet. The blower and the heating element should be off until you switch it ON using the flip.

2. ON the Power to Heat the Element

Flip the switch to ON the workstation. This will cause the element to become hot very fast. Thus, be ready for the nozzle as fast as possible. The red LED light close to the “SET TEMP” will indicate the readiness of the hot-air station for use.

3. Temperature and Air Adjustment

We have two control knobs for the regulation of temperature and airflow. Use the knobs to adjust the temperature and airflow to meet the level you want to use for the project.

soldering rework station

4. Rework

Now that you have made the necessary adjustment, aim the nozzle carefully at the place you want to work on. Move the nozzle gently forth and back to cause the solder to flow. The solder should look molten or silver when it melts completely.

5. Cool Down

Once you finish the soldering of the component, flip OFF the power to cool down the workstation. The good thing is that the self-cooling will start to begin. It will last for a short time.

6. Cleaning of the Board

Now that you finish your work, wash the board to remove the flux that fell on the board. It may cause corrosion if it is left unwashed.

Safety Measures to Observe When Using Soldering Rework Station  

To protect yourself from injury, it is essential to take precautions. The following tips will help you to protect yourself and prevent board damage. The tips are:

1. Endeavor to wear a protective kit that protects your eye and hand while working.

2. Ensure to use a silicone mat to protect the workbench or table from heat damage.

3. Avoid pressing the nuzzle very deep into the surface of the workpiece.

4. Ensure there is no blockage to the air inlet to prevent overheating of the device.

5. Connect the plug directly to the socket instead of using an extension cord.

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When you use a quality soldering rework station to solder the circuit board, the difference is clear.

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