Soldering Station Guide-Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Soldering Station

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Soldering Station Guide-A soldering station is a soldering tool with a separate station to control temperature and soldering iron. The soldering station can be analog or digital.


The soldering station is an electronic tool used to manually solder electronic components to the PCB. It consists of a station or unit for temperature control and a soldering iron that can be installed on the station unit. Most soldering stations have temperature control functions and are mainly used in electronic PCB assembly and manufacturing units. They are also used for the overhaul of circuit boards. Most real service centers also use these temperature-controlled soldering stations for repair and rework work.

 Soldering Station

Soldering station guide

Digital and analog temperature controlled soldering station

The soldering station can be analog or digital. The analog unit has a knob for controlling (increasing or decreasing) the temperature. They do not have any display to show the currently set temperature. The temperature settings of these units are not very accurate. They are very suitable for mobile phone repair and other tasks.


On the other hand, digital devices have settings for digitally controlling temperature. They also have a digital display that can display the current set temperature. These units provide better accuracy and smaller tolerances, but are cheaper than their analog counterparts.


Anti-static and non-anti-static soldering station

Similarly, the soldering station can be ESD safe or non-ESD safe. ESD stands for electrostatic discharge (when objects at different potentials are close to each other, the charge will quickly transfer).


The ESD-protected soldering station means that no static charge will stand or build on the iron. Use special materials to make these units. These tools are also well grounded and can drain excess electrical energy into the ground


For most of the latest electronic devices and modern smart phones, ESD safe soldering stations are necessary, because most of these devices have SMD electronic components that are very sensitive to static electricity and are easily damaged. ICs and semiconductors are very sensitive to static charges.

 Soldering Station

Soldering Station Guide-Tin-Lead and Lead-Free

With the introduction of RoHS in the European Union, most electronics companies in the world are turning to lead-free. The melting point of Tn / Lead (sn / pb 63/37) solder wire is 183 degrees Celsius, while the melting point of lead-free solder wire (Sn / Ag / Cu) is 217-221 degrees Celsius.


This is why the 50 to 60 watt soldering station is suitable for soldering leaded solder wire. For lead-free soldering, you need a higher power soldering station. The wattage with a composite welding tip should exceed 70 watts to achieve faster heat recovery. Goot RX-802AS is the best lead-free soldering station in the world.


How to choose the best soldering station

A good welding station should be ESD safe and provide precise temperature control. The design should be ergonomic to avoid fatigue during manual welding. It should also have a variety of welding techniques. There are many soldering station and soldering tool manufacturers around the world, but the world leaders are Goot and Weller. In terms of welding tools and equipment, these two brands are highly trusted and respected brands. PCBA Tools is a trusted company in India that can provide soldering stations and soldering irons.


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