What Are Categories of Soldering Iron Tips

Soldering iron tips are used for various purposes from making jewelry to producing circuit boards. So, this segment will help you identify the most common soldering iron tip that is most suitable for a piece of product you may be working with.

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1. K- Series or Knife Tips

The k- series soldering iron tip appears with a tilted tip resembling the shape of a knife. It is outstanding for repairing solder bridges and drag soldering. It is not difficult to do point soldering with this tip, but it is very hard as applied to the other tips.

2. B- Series or Conical Tips

The B-series tips are common because of their pointed cone-like form. Soldering can be performed at any angle since it has a very round tip and therefore this tip is used for common purposes.

3. C- Series or Bevel Tips

The C- series or bevel tips are utilized for drag soldering because they can hold more solder. Just like a grounded-up pencil, it has a curved surface. Whether they are far apart or in close range, you can extend the solder tip and little amount can also be applied at various points.

4. D- Series or Chisel Tips

The name D-series was derived from its shape which is that of a chisel. These tips are also used for general purpose soldering, just like the conical iron tips. They are very useful in soldering thick wires.

These tips come in different sizes, so make sure you choose one with a suitable size. If you choose one that’s too small, you may not reach all the points. One that’s too big would not help the solder flow too from one point to another which will create a sort of bridge.

Soldering iron tips

5. Specialized Tips

Some specialized soldering iron tips are also made by manufacturers such as the spade tip which is used to scrape UV glue off from mirror or glass surfaces e.g. LCD screens.

6. I- Series or Needle Tips

The needle type of soldering iron is very sharp and was designed to do very thorough work and it is not applicable for soldering big components as it transmits fairly very less heat as compared to other tips.

Selecting the Right Soldering Iron Tip.

· Select the tips that are similar to your soldering iron.

· Specify the type based on whether you want to do general-purpose soldering, detailed work, or drag soldering.

· Deduce or identify the size- if it is too large, you could damage the board and if it’s too small, enough heat may not be available for transfer. If you are just knowing how to solder, then avoid selecting a conical tip.

Amateurs tend to apply more weight attempting to increase the flow of solder – a particular error that can end up destroying the board.

Select a chisel tip that is right for wire, de-soldering, surface mount, and through holes.

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