SMD Soldering & Rework Station 270W Hot Air Gun 60W Soldering Iron GORDAK 952A

ESD safe by design. Hot air station, soldering station, LED double digital display, can autocephaly use, noninterference each other.


Product Description


*ESD safe by design

*Spasmodically heating, limitless air adjust, rapid heating, Suitable for soldering and de-soldering surface mounted ICs. Such as QFP, PLCC, SOP, BGA, etc.

*Light handle. Especially suitable for mounting and reworking SMD components by hand, repair and soldering common and directly-inserted electronics, and soldering under other special conditions.

*Continued automatism cooling system. Deferred air delivery after switch-off upon completion of rework and automatically switch off power supply after one minute.

*Use imported heating wire of long service life.


Product Parameter


Model GORDAK 952A
Hot air station
Rate Vol. 220V50/60Hz AC
Power 270 (W)
Pump Membranous
Air flow 0.16-1.2Nm³/h
Pump power 45W
Temp.control 100℃-450℃
Heater 250W Metal
Soldering station
Power 60(W)
Output Volt. 24VAC
Temp.control 200℃-480℃
Ground Resistance < 2Ω
Heater Ceramic
Packing 6PCS/CTN
Size 59.5*32*54.5cm/CTN
G.W 28.5KG/CTN




nozzle                     850 stand                     


850A handle                     952 PCB board         



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