GORDAK 868D+ Intelligent Two-in-One Soldering and Rework Station

Upgrade your soldering and rework capabilities with the GORDAK 868D+ – a versatile solution designed for precision, efficiency, and convenience. This intelligent station seamlessly combines a hot air station and a soldering station, offering unparalleled functionality for a wide range of electronic tasks.


Product Description


ModelGORDAK 868D+
Hot Air Station
Rated Vol.AC 220V 50Hz
Max Power450W
Pump Modelnon brushless fan, soft wind
Air Flow120L/min(Max)
Temp. Control100℃-500℃
Soldering Station
Max Power50W
Output Vol.AC 24V
Temp. Control200℃-480℃
Ground Resistance〈2mΩ
Ground Potential<2mv
HeaterA1321 Chinese Ceramic
Packing8 PCS/CTN

Dual Functionality

Equipped with a hot air handle that boasts a temperature range from 100℃ to 500℃, the GORDAK 868D+ ensures optimal heat control for various applications. Both the hot air handle and soldering handle feature a dormancy function, enhancing safety and energy efficiency by automatically entering standby mode when not in use.


Performance Specifications

Hot Air Station

Rated Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz

Max Power: 450 Watts

Pump Model: Brushless fan, providing a gentle airflow of up to 120L/min (Max)

Temperature Control: Precisely adjustable within the range of 100℃ to 500℃

Noise Level: Less than 45db for a quiet working environment


Soldering Station

Max Power: 50 Watts

Output Voltage: AC 24V

Temperature Control: Offers a temperature range of 200℃ to 480℃, ensuring precise soldering control

Ground Resistance: Less than 2mΩ, providing stable grounding for safety

Ground Potential: Less than 2mV, ensuring safety during usage

Heater: Utilizes an A1321 Chinese Ceramic heater for efficient and consistent heating


Packaging and Dimensions

8 units per carton, carton size 51*49*27.5cm, gross weight 19 KG/CTN


Versatile Applications

Ideal for professionals and hobbyists alike, this soldering and rework station is perfect for various tasks, including electronics repair, circuit board soldering, desoldering, heat-shrink tubing, and more.


Enhance your workbench with the GORDAK 868D+ Intelligent Two-in-One Soldering and Rework Station, a reliable and efficient tool designed to elevate your precision work and streamline your electronic projects.

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